Dream job

Dream job

I would like to ask you to imagine.  To imagine a world where all people love the work they are doing. Imagine the excellent service we would be delivered. Every order would be correct and delivered with a pleasant smile and a heartfelt thank you. Imagine the quality in the construction of our homes, cars, and clothes. Imagine how sweet the taste of success would be for everyone whether nailing shingles on a roof, providing care as a doctor, or a beautician cutting your hair.   Because true success is doing what you love doing with the added bonus of being paid for it.  

All too often we push our children into college with promises of financial security.  In our push that everyone needs to attend college we have denigrated the trades, the service professionals, the small business owners by implying that somehow, someway the only job’s worth doing are those that require a college degree. I feel differently. I can’t imagine a world without Gio discovering new flavors of ice cream. A world without Greg singing Motown to me each time I visit the restaurant where he is a busboy.  Or seeing the beautiful houses built or remodeled by the talented hands of my husband and sons.  

Imagine a world where everyone is doing work that they love.  Imagine a world where everyone is doing work that builds them up rather than tears them down. Imagine a world where not pensions or security keep people in their job. What keeps them working is the thought of doing anything but what they love to do is a ridiculous concept. Imagine a world where rush hour is civil, horns aren’t honking.   Imagine a drive home where everyone is respecting the co-journeyers on the road home.    Patience is abundant and everyone is at peace.  Commuters are satisfied because they have done work that gives them energy to come home and love their family, engage in hobbies or volunteer their talents to those in need.

Is it possible?  I believe so.  By using our God given gifts, talents, and ideas our lives and the lives of those around us become heavenly.  So just imagine if you were in a job that gave you your own little piece of heaven.  If you are feeling satisfied with your work, congratulate yourself for you have made the good choice.  If you can’t even imagine doing work that you love is possible – it is.  It might not be immediate.  There might be sacrifices to make, priorities to re-adjust or family members to convince.   Please don’t let that stop you.   Take a moment to imagine at the end of your life knowing you lived a full and purposeful life.   Just imagine a life without regrets.   Come on do it.   Just imagine.  

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