Just Say No!

Just Say No!

We are at the end of a year and the beginning of another. A new year is a great time to refresh and wipe the slate clean to stand out and go big.

But before we get started on the new year, it is important to take stock in where we are from this year so it is easier to move on. Use the remaining days of this year to:

  • Reflect on the positives and what you have accomplished this year – and what you have learned.
  • Review where you are, right now, to accomplishing your goals for this year and make sure to take what time you have left to make it happen. Build momentum that will take you into the New Year ahead of the game plan.
  • Be honest. Looking at your reality tells you if and what you have achieved this year. You have either:

– exceeded your expectations

– met your expectations, or

– are below your expectations.

It is easy to put blame on the economy for falling below your expectations. But the good news is that you CAN still realize your goals and plans!


Well, it’s not by putting blame on something you have no control over – No Excuses!

It’s not by doing nothing. (Nothing is as nothing does

It’s not by sitting and/or having non-specific or thought out plans like saying “Oh, I’m just going to work harder.” or “If I just put in more hours…”

That will get you nothing fast.

What you can do is “Just Say No!”

“No” can be considered one of the most powerful words in your vocabulary. It is the easiest work for setting limits, boundaries and clarity.

If someone asked you to give them $1M, what would you say? You would say “No!” There are limits to your generosity.

If a stranger came up to you and asked you to get married, you would say “No!” You have boundaries and values that are not adhered to with such a request.

If someone asked you to jump off of a bridge, you would say “No!” There is no question about what that means. You are clear that is something you will not do!

Now think of how this can apply to your success and productivity – setting limits to what you already know you CAN accomplish. You become more aware of your internal boundaries – and value them. You gain clarity about YOU that will make YOUR life more successful.

The easiest way to say “No” is to first have a small “Yes” list. Your “Yes” list are YOUR goals for now and the upcoming year. Remember to set limits and keep it short and manageable. The specifics of how you are going to accomplish them do not need to be figured out just yet. How to do that will come in a later article.

Then, what should be on your “No” list? Look back at this year. What did you say Yes to when it got you nothing in return? Those are perfect things to put on your No list. Do you really think that if you worked longer hours than everyone else, you would get ahead? Let me tell you “NO” from experience! All it does is lead to burnout and mistakes. By saying No to constantly working longer hours, you will set boundaries and expectations for others to see. Your productivity will increase and the effectiveness of the organization will improve. AND, you gain more control over your life, and in turn, be and feel more successful.

Learning to say “No” can be liberating! It frees up your time to focus on your priorities. The key is the prioritization of your “Yes” list and to stay true to your “No” list. Why don’t you put “Remember my No list” on your Yes list as an everyday reminder to make it easier.

Get started on your lists now. Remember, make your Yes list first. Then, think back through this year and make your much longer No list. Finally, stick to it and make it happen!

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