Step to Your Success – Enjoy! Part 1

Step to Your Success – Enjoy! Part 1

Success Step #1:  Write Down What You Enjoy!!!

This really shouldn’t take too much time, should it?  But just in case, we want these things written down and in front of you.  It really is incentive for you to accomplish the already relatively easy steps of The IMAGE Success System.  We get to celebrate every step of the way!

But the reason we have to make this a success step is so that you make sure to MAKE the time to actually do it AND it is also a perfect exercise in setting boundaries.  It is so often that we do not take care of ourselves because we are too busy taking care of others.  We are also so busy letting others take over our time that we don’t have any boundaries – and it shows in our happiness of everything. That needs to stop now.  Your success and happiness is directly related to your ability to Enjoy.  So give yourself permission to Enjoy every time you accomplish something!

So let’s think of what you Enjoy and write it down.  We want to make enjoyment relative to the task we’ve accomplished.  Write down your Enjoy items and put them in two categories – one that is “almost free for me” and the other is “spa-like for me.”

“Almost free” are things like taking the time to read a book, indulge in some ice cream, or maybe it is even making sure you go to the gym because that is something you never get to enjoy anymore.  I have a friend that runs or works out every morning.  No distractions from kids, husband or work.  It is her Enjoy for everything that she does every day as a busy executive, mom and wife.  An amazing example of great boundaries.

“Spa-like” are things like buying a new pair of shoes, getting a massage, going to a movie or a really nice quiet dinner with someone close.  Maybe it’s actually planning or taking a trip!  Regardless, it costs more than $10.  This is my favorite list as it is amazing incentive to accomplish big goals.

What constitutes an “almost free for me” item? It’s exactly what I’m going to write about in my next post. Stay with me and you won’t miss it!

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