Step to Your Success – Enjoy! Part 2

Step to Your Success – Enjoy! Part 2

What constitutes an “almost free for me” item?  Let’s take doing the dishes as an example of something you’ve accomplished.  You probably do it every day if you are a caretaker to someone.  But you accomplished something that needed to get done.  So, once you are done, you should be able to enjoy something – like a chocolate or a “timeout” for 15 minutes to close your eyes and relax with no interruptions.  My grandma actually used washing dishes as her timeout, so that may not be the best example for some.  Other friends use cleaning as their timeout. Regardless, I think you get the picture, right?  “Almost free for me” actions are relatively small, something that may take only a couple of hours, but are still accomplishments.

Write down your “almost free for me” Enjoy items.  There should be around five of them – not too little but not too many as then you will become overwhelmed with choices and we don’t want that!

A good example of a “spa-like for me” item is something bigger.  You finally got that report done that you’ve been working on for months.  It’s been signed, sealed and delivered.  But because you’ve been working on it for so long, you have a million other things you need to do to catch up.  Sound familiar?  Well, those things have been waiting for months already so what is another couple of hours going to hurt?  Absolutely nothing.  And if someone says it will, then it should have gotten delegated to someone else.  Am I right?  Remember, you are a leader and leaders look at the big picture and delegate.  But that is another issue.  Back to Enjoying.  It’s time to enjoy a few hours for yourself, not only because you deserve it but because you NEED it!

Now write down your “spa-like for me” Enjoy items.  Since “spa-like for me” items take a little longer to plan and are more expensive, they may change at least each quarter – so revisit this list again even if you haven’t used the items.  The only reason you haven’t used the items, however, is because the movie is no longer in theaters or the restaurant received bad reviews.  You may not have huge accomplishments each day, but my guess is that you will have them at least each month if not each quarter.

Okay, we’ve got our Enjoys written down.  Now go and use an “almost free” from your list for this accomplishment.  No excuses.  Make it clear to others that this is YOUR time – however small of time that might be – and just do it! Good luck!

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